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Annie Parker came to sculpture later in life.

Of Italian origin, she was born in France but moved to London in her early twenties, where she first worked for the BBC as a production assistant for radio and TV. Later she moved to film editing in the cutting rooms.

After a break to raise young daughters, however, Annie resolved to fulfil a lifelong ambition and pursue a career in art.

She trained at the City & Guilds of London Art School and then Heatherley School of Fine Art, where she acquired diplomas in both portraiture painting and figurative sculpture. Sculpture is her passion, and she has been carving stone ever since, but her years of portrait painting have left an abiding fascination with the human expression. This is reflected in her series of stone heads.

“The human face is an endless source of inspiration. It reflects the whole of humanity, and I have an on-going compulsion to recreate it in my stonework,” she says.

Her stonework is varied, however, and she is currently in the process of creating a series of bird forms. Most of her work is in stone, but many of her sculptures are also cast in plaster, resin or bronze.

Annie’s work has been acquired by collectors in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Austria, Chicago and Singapore.


October 1999                            AAF London

October 2000                           AAF London

October 2001                            AAF London

September 2002                      Autumn Arts Festival, Wormley, Surrey

June 2003                                 Carlyle Gallery, London

January 2006                           Leighton House, London

April 2006                                Exhibition Centre, Henley-on-Thames

February 2008                        Gallery 27, Cork Street London

April 2008                                Plus One Gallery London

June 2008                                Samsung advertising campaign

October 2008                          Art London

November 2008                      Bicha Winter Show, Wyndham Grand, Chelsea Harbour, London

May 2009                                 AAF Bristol

June 2009                                Bicha Gallery launch Gabriel’s wharf London

September 2009                     Bicha Gallery Architectural Views

October 2009                          Bicha Gallery Fashion identity

October 2009                          Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair

October 2009                          AAF Autumn Collection London

November 2009                     Discerning Eye, Mall Gallery, London

November 2009                     Bicha Gallery ‘Looking For A City’

February 2010                        AAF Brussels

May 2010                                AAF Paris

October 2010                         AAF London

November 2010                    AAF Singapore

February 2011                       AAF Milan

April 2011                              Art Chicago

May 2011                               AAF New-York

October 2012                        AAF London

October 2013                        AAF London

October 2014                        AAF London

October 2015                        AAF London

“The Italian Renaissance masters are a major influence on my work, particularly Michelangelo, who remains a constant reference. I was young when I first visited Florence to admire the paintings and sculptures I had until then only seen in books.

I was overwhelmed by the emotions they provoked. I remember Michaelangelo’s David in the Academia in Florence, particularly: the people looking on in awe and reverence, as if in church. I realised then the power of a work of art, its sheer visual pleasure, its potential for joy, and to evoke something even spiritual.

That is what I aim for in my work: to transform a rock into an emotional expression. I want my sculptures to give visual pleasure, to touch people and communicate my passion. I am driven only by a pure search for the perfect form, the line of beauty, and for sheer harmony. I will go back to a work endlessly to achieve a particular curve.

It is the ceaseless struggle to extract the spirit from the stone.”